Hand Baggage

One piece of hand luggage with a maximum weight of 5kg is permitted per person. The baggage dimensions must be within 35cm x 25cm x 20cm.

Passengers must not carry and Dangerous Goods or Prohibited Articles. Exceptions to these are safety blades and also medication for diabetes or any other medication evidenced as being required for use during the flight – this may be angina or anti-allergy (epi-pen) medication. These needles and medication must be carried/cased correctly and the passenger will need to advise Airport Security.

Liquids in Cabin Baggage
If you carry liquids in your cabin baggage
· These must fit into a single transparent bag which is resealable and measures approximately 20 x 20 cm.
· The contents must fit comfortably in the plastic bag so it can be easily sealed
· An individual container within the bag must hold no kore than 100ml of liquid.
· Each passenger is limited to one plastic bag
· You must present your plastic bag to the airport security staff

Liquids Include
· All drinks including water
· Liquids or semi-liquid foods
· Cosmetics and toiletries including creams, lotions, oils, perfume, mascara and lip gloss
· Perfumes, Hair sprays and deodorants
· Toothpaste, hair and shower gels
· Contact Lens solutions

· Baby Milk and Baby Foods
· Medications required during the Flight.

Hand Baggage Prohibited Articles
Without prejudice to applicable safety rules, passengers are not permitted to carry the following articles into the security restricted areas and on board aircraft:
· Guns, Firearms and other devices that discharge projectiles
· Stunning devices
· Objects with a sharp point or sharp edge
· Workman’s Tools
· Blunt Instruments capable of causing serious injury when used to hit
· Explosives and Incendiary substances and devices.

Hold Baggage

The hold baggage allowance applicable on all of our routes is 15kg inclusive in the price of ticket. Excess baggage will be charged at £4 per kilo and carried subject to availability. In these instances, the baggage would travel when there is sufficient space available. Please note that for Health and Safety reasons the maximum weight for any one piece of baggage is 23 kgs. Any bag with a weight in excess of 15kg must carry a ‘Heavy Bag’ tag to ensure such a bag can be identified prior to lifting.

Passengers must read the prohibited articles list and Dangerous Goods list displayed at our check in desks, around the airport terminal and on this website.

Special Hold Baggage
Due to the limited hold space on our aircraft the following articles may only be carried if space allows.
Should a passenger wish to transport any of the above items please contact our Customer Services department to discuss options that might be available. At present Air Alderney does not carry Sporting Guns and Ammunitions.
.Golf Clubs
.Surf Boards
.Snow Boards
.Musical Instruments

Carriage of Live Animals

The carriage of guide dogs and assistance dogs is permitted free of charge.

The carriage of pet dogs and cats is currently only permitted on all routes except those outside the UK. In order to facilitate the carriage of animals they must be transported in a transit/carrier cage as provided by the passenger. The measurements of this cage must be no more than 91cm(L) x 61cm(W) x 68cm(H) and its maximum weight capacity must be no more than 23kg.

It is the owners responsibility to ensure that their pet fits safely and comfortably within the cage. However, Air Alderney reserve the right to refuse carriage should they believe the safety of the pet and passengers is compromised. All bookings for pets must be made via our reservations department as Air Alderney may carry one pet per flight. Exceptions may be permitted subject to weight and space availability. Bookings for pets will be charged at a child’s fare rate if the cage occupies a seat in the aircraft.